Ray Moore taking time to "frag" small pieces of larger coral colonies to start new sibling colonies to share.
A pristine piece of coral from one of the many saltwater aquariums in our customer community.
Custom tank build and installation for Tequesta, Florida customer.
A Clownfish posing for the camera; Clownfish are always excited to pose for pictures.



Custom Tanks


A to Z for All Your Living Reef Needs

Moorish Idols enjoying a beautiful natural reef.

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Saltwater Aquariums Are Our Passion.

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Riley's Reef offers everything you need to create incredible saltwater aquariums, from expert advice and simple solutions to a wide selection of  fish, corals, plants, base supplies, and treatment and maintenance materials.


First time aquarium owners and experienced hobbyists alike will find a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources at Riley's for a diverse population of aquatic life to compliment your tank. Everything from salt and sand to the latest high-tech equipment for your own reef right in your home or office.


Come in for  visit if you're in the neighborhood or we are happy to help answer your questions over the phone, through social media, or by email.

Not Your Average Aquarium Store.

Monday - Saturday  11 AM to 7 PM

Sunday  11 AM to 5 PM

Riley's Reef shop interior, clean and welcoming for new aquarium hobbyists as well as experts aquarists.

All of our living products are quality controlled, conditioned, and sourced from sustainable vendors.  A big part of our success in fostering healthy saltwater aquariums is due to our commitment to quality and care for our living products.


Our care begins with the careful selection of only the best hard corals, soft corals, fish and invertebrates which are conditioned on-site at Riley's Reef to ensure every product we carry comes with our quality control and care promise.

Our aquarists are always excited to help you find everything you need, from custom tanks and stands to the innovative technologies.


We believe in sharing in our knowledge and experience, working together to learn from one another's experiences to improve the quality of all the saltwater aquariums we care for.

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