Saltwater Aquarium Services


Our comprehensive Service plans provide easy care and maintenance for home and business aquariums of all sizes and our Service Team is equipped to help you install, maintain, and move your aquarium if needed.


Schedule an appointment today to outline your personal aquarium needs and a recommended frequency for service visits.


On each visit Service Team members complete a visual and chemical water quality analysis to identify and correct any water quality issues.


All glass or acrylic surfaces are cleaned and all expired filtration and filter media is replaced. Water changes are performed regularly to remove and replace saltwater as needed based on water quality analysis or a minimum of once per month.

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Custom Aquarium Installations


Riley's Reef can help you bring your custom aquarium dream to life.


Our team has been designing and building custom aquariums since 2011 and we are well equipped to help you design, build and install your system.


Each of our Custom Aquariums is designed with a  long-term maintenance and care strategy to help you keep your own thriving reef.

Water Changes


Changing water is important in removing excess wastes from saltwater aquariums in order to maintain healthy water parameters for marine life.


We create Reverse Osmosis De-Ionized (RODI) water with filtration from AquaFX, leaders in water purification systems for more than 14 years.


Using RODI water and Fritz Aquatics Reef Pro Mix, we produce synthetic seawater, mixed to a salinity measured at a specific gravity of 1.025 which contains a balanced quantity of Calcium, Carbonate and Magnesium to help maintain optimum water quality.


If you are unfamiliar with changing water  our staff can explain the purpose and process of removing and replacing aquarium water without disturbing your aquatic environment.  Our Service Team is available to assist with regular maintenance tasks including cleaning, water testing, top offs,  feeding and water changes.